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Faced with the environmental crisis caused by increased human activity, Fondation de France encourages people to live in greater harmony with their surroundings. Favouring a citizen-based approach, it supports group endeavours, scientific research and educational projects in France and abroad.

Green homes

To improve the comfort of low-income housing while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Fondation de France has launched a pilot project to renovate homes in poor condition with green building materials. Because the occupants are actively involved, this changes their habits so that the benefits of the renovations are long-term.

Environmental education

Fondation de France has developed a research centre on the Branféré site in western Brittany. This zoo and botanical garden is used for research into rare animal and plant species. It is also a breeding and conservation site for endangered species. Finally, it is also an environmental education facility, helping children, teenagers and adults understand and respect diversity in innovative, fun ways.

Coastal Environment

As the interface between land and sea, the coastline is a naturally rich area with 80% of all marine biodiversity, while the coastal plains are home to 80% of the world’s population. If you add tourists, commercial fishermen, boaters and biologists, the multi-purpose area is fragile and further weakened because it is the location for so many conflicting interests. To help preserve it, we support research projects and actions for concerted coastal management.

Family Farming

Fondation de France and the CFSI have joined forces to promote sustainable family smallholdings as a way to fight famine in Africa. The general goal is to support the development of sustainable, viable family smallholdings in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly by funding innovative initiatives, exchanges and networking.

Some Concrete Actions

Coastal Gatherings (Les Rencontres du Littoral)

Four times a year, the winners of our call for proposals, “Coasts for tomorrow,” reunite to present the progress of 37 research projects supported by Fondation de France. A roundtable organized in 2013 considered how this call for proposals should evolve in the years to come. In this space dedicated to discussion, participants particularly appreciated the free spirit and high quality of the multidisciplinary exchanges.

Ecosystems, Agriculture, Food

This new focus, started by Fondation de France in 2013 in partnership with the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, aims to support action research projects that explore and experiment with innovative agricultural production systems while preserving ecosystems and the quality of food. Out of 75 grant applications considered, 19 projects were funded for an overall contribution amounting to nearly one million euros. This call for projects has been extended to 2014.

Supporting Innovative Farming: A Crosscutting Approach

As part of its program to promote family farming, in 2013 Fondation de France launched a partnership with the main network of Farmer Organizations and Agricultural Producers of West Africa (ROPPA) to support the emergence of new projects. The French Development Agency committed itself in 2013 to co-finance this program for three years. This call for projects, started five years ago in partnership with the French Committee for International Solidarity, offers the organizations’ expertise to projects related to subsistence agriculture. Over the course of the year, 23 projects received funding amounting to an overall contribution of 860,000 euro by the foundations JM Bruneau, L’Occitane and Ensemble.