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At a time when many young people face a dim job outlook, when progress in research is a vital issue for humanity, and culture is needed to forge a collective identity, Fondation de France promotes scientific and medical research, culture, education and training.

Education and training

Each year, 150,000 young people drop out of school without the tools needed to build a future. However, innovative teaching methods, funded by Fondation de France through its programme to fight drop-out levels, could lower this figure. At the other end of the spectrum, 80 foundations under our auspices offer scholarships for low-income students to pursue academic excellence.

Medical Research

Alongside its work with disabled individuals, Fondation de France eagerly promotes research on pathologies that are particularly devastating because of their scale or consequences. A large percentage of the funds entrusted to it are earmarked to support advanced research and the training of new researchers in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, eye illnesses and AIDS.

Environmental Research

Because we need resources to survive, it is essential to understand the impact on the environment of the ways in which we use them. How should ecosystems be managed in order to ensure their renewal? Three lines of research are proposed around the coastline, agriculture and food, and finally agro-forestry.


Whether helping citizens exhibit their art in their community, supporting artists, exploring co-construction, or building foundations for art criticism, at Fondation de France, culture funding meets the same demanding criteria as science, education or the environment.

Some Concrete Actions

The Eye Foundation Award for Ophthalmology and the Science of Vision

At the initiative of Madame Berthe Fouassier, a generous contributor, Fondation de France launched a program over 20 years ago to support young researchers and doctors in ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology. Many diseases of the eye that cause serious disabilities, such as ARMD, eye cancers, and glaucoma, are still poorly understood. The situation has become so worrisome that Fondation de France created of the Eye Foundation (Fondation de l’œil). In 2013, an award of 50,000 euros was given to the Institute of Vision (Institut de la Vision) for its research on hereditary retinal dystrophy.

Generating new hypotheses to find new treatments

Let’s Prepare All Junior High School Students for Success!

Fondation de France believes that nobody is doomed to failure and that solutions exist to transform schools and enable the success of every student. The foundation has been engaged since 2010, alongside the French Ministry of Education, to support new approaches to education. In four years, 215 projects were identified and funded, allowing more than 11,000 junior high school students to return school and get back on the path to success.

I learned to work with others, to gain self-confidence. Since then, I’m back on the right track.

Archives of the Pan-African Festivals

For many countries in Africa, reaching independence has led to a profusion of cultural and art projects, among them the first World Festival of Black Arts in Dakar, the first Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algiers, the Zaire 74 Festival in Kinshasa, and the second World Festival of Black Arts in Lagos. With the support of Fondation de France, the project initiated by the laboratory of contemporary archives of the EHESS is the first of its kind to have a global approach to cultural events in order to understand and evaluate the originality and traditions of the vast cultural and political Pan-African project.